Did you know that the excessive use of gadgets can also affect your health?

We can hardly imagine our lives without smartphones, laptops, wireless earpieces and smartwatches. However, we rarely sit down and assess the health costs correlated to the excessive use of these devices. It’s true that the advancement of technology has improved the quality of our lives on a never-seen-before level in history, but often we neglect the far-reaching negative impact it could potentially have on our health.

The effects of the excessive use of gadgets can be set in two broad categories – physiological and psychological. Here are some of the ways in which gadgets can cause health problems.

Neck and back pain

If you are working on the Internet or an office job – chances are that you spend your work hours in a stationary position. Often this leads to bad posture, and the lack of movement can cause pain in the neck and lower back. In more extreme cases it can cause psychopathy.

Tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome

If you are a gamer or spend most of your time writing messages on your smartphone, you are at risk of developing CTS or tendonitis. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve in your wrist is compressed, leading to loss of sensation in some of the fingers, a very common injury in professional video gamers.

Tendinitis, on the other hand, is an inflammation of the tendons, which can appear due to repetitive stress. Some people call this the SMS thumb’.


Computer vision syndrome

The all-encompassing presence of gadgets in your life means that you probably spend more than 50 hours a week staring at one computer screen or another.

The constant strain on your eyes can result in blurred vision, dry eyes, fatigue, headaches, and fatigue.


While the excessive usage of technology doesn’t work in itself cause obesity, it can be a major secondary contributing factor. That is to say, the excessive usage of gadgets often results in a lack of movement or exercise, as well as a bad diet – all of which can result in unwanted weight gain.

Tinnitus and hearing loss

The constant usage of earbuds as a source of sound can cause Serious damage to the fine fibers in the inner ear. The reason for this is simple – loud noises from earbuds are more concentrated and affect the ear more directly. The sustained exposure to loud noises (>85dB) can irreversibly damage your hearing and cause tinnitus (an uncomfortable ringing in your ears).

Driving hazard

Your phone can be just as dangerous to you and other drivers as being drunk. As a major distraction, it can impair your ability to drive which could potentially lead to catastrophic traffic accidents. Thus, it’s important to lay off your phone or laptop while driving.

Problems with communication

In this age of social media, more often than not, we substitute real-life relationships with digital ones. Not only does this lead to forming fewer meaningful relationships with real’ people, but it also skewers your sense of reality and self-worth.


Sleep deprivation

It’s a known fact that using your smartphone before bed can disrupt your sleep. This is the reason why it’s important to turn off your gadgets an hour before going to bed. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can also result in accumulation of stress and other health problems.